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A little bit of fear…

imageIts good to be confident,but being over confident is disastrous.

Confidence is just like food that satisfies both the body and mind,and then too much of it;just like too much of food overwhelms the body and crowds the mind,making us succeptible and vulnerable.
In our fight against the problems we face each day,a little bit of fear sometimes gets us the desired results.
Fear helps us analyze the consequences of our actions;its pros and cons. Over confidence tells us what needs to be done,our fears makes us sit done and analyze how it should be done and in which way to go about it.
  Fear doesn’t always mean we’re weak,it only shows that we are care enough not to think only about ourselves but the consequences of actions on others.

Formulate, Analyze and Initiate.

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I had to act fast or I … I was going to lose her. At that point in time our friendship was the only good thing going on in my life and now her parents were sending her away to a distant aunty because they didn’t want her associating with me. But I had to do something now, it wasn’t my fault after all, growing up as a kid wasn’t easy for me at all.

 My father was a “no good mechanic” who spends all his earnings on alcohol while my mother sells local herbs and drugs at the local market just to sustain the family. Although I was the only child, I still didn’t get the best things every child could possibly ask for and loneliness was the other of the day as the local kids didn’t want to have anything to do with a drunkard’s son. Mothers would tell their sons not to associate with me or risk ending up like my father. I was always ridiculed and bullied some times because of my small stature,life was just unfair to me. 

 Despite all this odd,I was one brilliant lad and the little my mother was able to get from her business she spends it on my education even though I couldn’t afford most of the textbooks the normal kids have,I learnt how to make do with what I have.
Watch out for PART 2.

I’m trying y hands on writing short stories, please do comment if you notice Andy error. Critisize if need be,that’s the only way I can improve.

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Incredible Success Story of the Nigerian Man Behind Tecno Phone*

Nnamdi Ezeigbo is the founder and CEO of SLOT systems limited, and also the brain behind TECNO and INFINIX, the fastest selling phone brands in Nigeria. Many people are not even aware that these popular phone brands are the brainchild of a fellow Nigerian. His success story is a very remarkable one.
Nnamdi Ezeigbo studied Electrical Electronics Engineering at the Yaba College of Technology in 1988, and got a Higher National Diploma (HND), before serving his country, Nigeria, during his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) year at Guinness Nigeria PLC, in 1996.
After completing his youth service year, Nnamdi Ezeigbo tried to no avail to secure a job with a company in Nigeria. With no promising signs of any potential employment, he went on to work as an apprentice learning how to repair computers. After which he launched out on his own to repair computers for individuals.  Since he didn’t have any cash at the time, he had to squat with a friend of his at Ikeja, who owned a book store. His customer base grew, largely because of his honesty and the premium he placed on customer service.
The mutual trust and good relationship with his customers, was what gave him his first break in business.  One day, an old customer he knew from his days as an apprentice, came to his little shop to see him. He told him he would love him to continue fixing his computers, but would prefer he operated from a larger and more serene environment. To help him out, the customer brought some printers for Nnamdi to sell, from which he used the proceeds to setup a new shop for himself. He paid for the store at a then price of 180,000 Naira (He later bought that same store many years later for 100 million Naira).
From his new store, he began to sell computers. As his business grew, a lot of customers started to both demand for slot stores in areas close to their vicinities, and to ask if they sold mobile phones. With a keen eye to spot opportunity when it presents itself, Nnamdi Ezeigbo immediately expanded his business to also cover the sale of mobile phones.
With no real knowledge on how to manage a growing business, Nnamdi decided to enrol for an MBA program at the prestigious Lagos Business School. He also began to attend many workshops on entrepreneurship, and that helped to sharpen his business acumen and develop his legendary entrepreneurial prowess.
During this process, he and his team decided to take a 5 year route to build a strong reputation for their brand. By the time the projection had elapsed, the Slot brand name was the most reputable mobile phone retailer in the whole country.
The rise of telecommunication networks created many opportunities in the Nigerian market. Their poor services caused many Nigerians to purchase more than one mobile phone, so they could try a different network when the other was bad. Nnamdi realised this problem early on, and approached Nokia in a bid to convince them to manufacture dual sim phones for Nigerians, so they would carry only one mobile phone at a time instead of two. They refused to listen because, seeing people carry more of their phones meant more phone sales for them.
According to his interview with Nairametrics, Nnamdi said;
*“So I went to China and got a guy who had worked with a company called Bird then. Bird was into phones but they got choked and lost market share. I met with the guy and asked the guy to let us do something. I came with that name and I registered it here and brought the guy to Nigeria. And that was the high point of our business. We came together and I designed the first Tecno phone, Tecno T101. We started it but the market did not accept it and we also had problem with the dual SIM not working together and we had to make corrections and we came with Tecno 201 and that was a bit accepted by the market. But we were basically giving marketers on credit to sell the phones and then pay us later. And I was funding it all alone.”*
*“Since I was funding it alone, we were finding it difficult to get the right quantity to sell until the market started accepting us. What I now did was to make them pay in advance, I mean the dealers. So we started using their money to order the products.  This was around 2007. The introduction of Tecno brand was the turning point of our business.”*
*“Like I said, Tecno is my baby and we kept improving. I knew a day would come when the middle class would accept Tecno. Initially, it was a phone for low income people but based on improvement and upping our game, the middle class had to accept it and when the economy went down in 2008 that helped Tecno to move to the top. Since purchasing power had dropped, they had to go for something that have same capabilities but cheaper. So with N15,000, you could buy a Smartphone and thank God for 3G network. The advent of 3G network actually helped Tecno to move up. So students who could not afford to buy phones in the range of N30,000 could buy one for N15,000 and enjoy features of Smartphone like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and so on.”*
Today, Nnamdi Ezeigbo is a phenomenal success story in Nigeria and indeed Africa. From a humble repair man, he has built a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR company and one of the most recognizable brand in Nigeria.
There are many lessons in this story.
Pay attention to your business no matter how small it is today, it can be the seed of a global company tomorrow.
Integrity in business is extremely important, it will open doors for you, and speak for you, even when you are not present.
When you see opportunities, grab it and run with it. Nokia refused Nnamdi’s idea, Nokia was mighty and Nnamdi was nobody, but today because Nnamdi believed in his idea and grabbed the opportunity, Tecno is everywhere, and Nokia is dead. How are the mighty fallen? Run with your idea, and this too will be your story.
Keep improving your products and services every day. Nnamdi kept improving Tecno steadily until it became an accepted brand in Nigeria.
Most importantly, the greatest investment you will make is an investment in yourself. As a business man, if you can afford a business school, enroll.
Don’t waste your time crying over the economy of the nation, there is nothing you can do about it, but there is a lot you can do about your own personal economy.
Improve yourself and your personal economy will improve. At least, let us all start from somewhere.
Copied as received.

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In as much as were excited and grateful to God for the opportunity of seeing a new year, we should also have it in mind that only the calendar changes and everything partaining to us remains the same. 

 The new year is not the time for us to start afresh, but to pick up where we left off from the previous year. If there are things about you you need to improve on, do so, habits you need to drop, friends you need to change and above all we should be able to reflect on our past having a consice view of the future.

 Our previous years cannot be supernaturaly deleted from our lives neither can it be erased and trust me your story won’t be complete without those years. All we have to do is learn from the previous year’s mistake and try not to fall victim again. A wise man once said “keep trying until you can’t get it wrong again, not until you get it right”.

 I know our hopes and dreams for the new year is quite amazing, but how many of us have the strength and willingness to achieve them? How many of us posses the spirit of a fighter? How many of us is a goal getter? You should know that we all have equal chances of making it this year,365days, it only depends on how we make use of the tools around us,the love of family, the the friendly faces of our friends and above all the grace of God.

A word is always enough for the wise.

Let this year be the start of something big for you.


Words Extreme wishes our tremendous followers a happy new year.

We hope that this year;

-Dreams are made

-Goals are achieved

-Hope keeps us going 

And the Almighty God grants us the grace and strength to always fight and forge ahead in spite of all odds against us this year. We are not saying this year is when u make it big, all we are saying is this year makes you a better person.




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With the new year comes with new resolutions where everybody wants to drop all those bad behaviours they had in the previous year. Each and every new year,we all say we want to change and then at the end of the year, we end up exactly like the previous year.

Action speaks louder than voice they say, and empty vessels makes the loudest noise. Its high time we drop this nonsensical attitude and man up to reality. It doesn’t matter where and when we change, all we have to do at the and of each is to thank God for a well spent year and pray for blessings for coming year.

Happy new year in advance everyone.


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Most of us,if not all is familiar with the popular set of crayons and how they function. But have you ever noticed that there’s always one crayon that stays in the crayon box, one crayon that keeps it’s pristine sharp point and neat wrapper?. Not because its shorter than the rest nor the fact that people don’t make use of it, but because its effect its never felt. Another illustration is if I’ve written this article in a name white font,not even a letter will be visible.

 Many of you will also agree with me that our lives too consist of white crayons,people that have no effect on our lives. People who neither add nor subtract from us. They either consist of friends who really have nothing to offer or family members whom you don’t see eye to eye on issues.  Sometimes we work so hard on something’s too and never get the desired results or no results at all.

 Looking on the bright side,if we make use of wax crayon and watercolour. The wax crayon repels the watercolor paint that is brushed over it and the watercolour paint adheres to the paper surrounding the crayon, making it show up nice and bright! 

This tells us that just because we can’t see the result of our hardwork, it doesn’t mean they are not there. We just have to mix the right ingredients together to get our results.


 Although white crayons are quite useless, but when used on a black construction paper,its beauty cannot be over emphasized. Or if i had written my article with a white font on a black background. We just have to create a stage for our success to manifest itself, work hard, preserver through all odds even when you see no results coming, someday,sometime success will find you.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day.


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We all imagine our lives being perfect but only few of us live the dream.

Yes,you dream, but nobody cares about your goal or how and when you want to achieve them. Rather the result is what gets people taking about you,either success or failure.

The only question now is, what exactly do you want people to say about you?

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​This just encouraged me. 
 A tennis racket is useless in my hands. A tennis racket in Serena Williams hands is worth Millions. It all depends in whose hand it is. A rod in my hands will keep an angry dog away. A rod in Moses’ hands parted the mighty Red Sea. It all depends in whose hand it is. A sling shot in my hand is a toy, a slingshot in David’s hand was a mighty weapon. It all depends in whose hand it is.Two fishes and 5 loaves of bread in my hand is just enough for breakfast in my house. Two fishes and 5 loaves of bread in Jesus’ hands fed thousands. It all depends in whose hand it is. Nails in my hands might just cause a temporary injury. Nails in Jesus Christ’s hands produced salvation for the entire world. It all depends in whose hand it is. 

As you see now, it all depends in whose hand it is, so put your concerns, worries, fears, hopes, dreams, families and your relationships in God’s hands because It all depends in whose hand they are.

I therefore challenge you to put yourself in God’s hands and watch the amazing transformation that will take place in your life and how great you will become….
Let’s start the first transformation….
This message is now in your hands…. What will you do with it? It all depends in whose hand it is……let it do good in your hands…
 God bless you.