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Most of us,if not all is familiar with the popular set of crayons and how they function. But have you ever noticed that there’s always one crayon that stays in the crayon box, one crayon that keeps it’s pristine sharp point and neat wrapper?. Not because its shorter than the rest nor the fact that people don’t make use of it, but because its effect its never felt. Another illustration is if I’ve written this article in a name white font,not even a letter will be visible.

 Many of you will also agree with me that our lives too consist of white crayons,people that have no effect on our lives. People who neither add nor subtract from us. They either consist of friends who really have nothing to offer or family members whom you don’t see eye to eye on issues.  Sometimes we work so hard on something’s too and never get the desired results or no results at all.

 Looking on the bright side,if we make use of wax crayon and watercolour. The wax crayon repels the watercolor paint that is brushed over it and the watercolour paint adheres to the paper surrounding the crayon, making it show up nice and bright! 

This tells us that just because we can’t see the result of our hardwork, it doesn’t mean they are not there. We just have to mix the right ingredients together to get our results.


 Although white crayons are quite useless, but when used on a black construction paper,its beauty cannot be over emphasized. Or if i had written my article with a white font on a black background. We just have to create a stage for our success to manifest itself, work hard, preserver through all odds even when you see no results coming, someday,sometime success will find you.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day.



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