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In as much as were excited and grateful to God for the opportunity of seeing a new year, we should also have it in mind that only the calendar changes and everything partaining to us remains the same. 

 The new year is not the time for us to start afresh, but to pick up where we left off from the previous year. If there are things about you you need to improve on, do so, habits you need to drop, friends you need to change and above all we should be able to reflect on our past having a consice view of the future.

 Our previous years cannot be supernaturaly deleted from our lives neither can it be erased and trust me your story won’t be complete without those years. All we have to do is learn from the previous year’s mistake and try not to fall victim again. A wise man once said “keep trying until you can’t get it wrong again, not until you get it right”.

 I know our hopes and dreams for the new year is quite amazing, but how many of us have the strength and willingness to achieve them? How many of us posses the spirit of a fighter? How many of us is a goal getter? You should know that we all have equal chances of making it this year,365days, it only depends on how we make use of the tools around us,the love of family, the the friendly faces of our friends and above all the grace of God.

A word is always enough for the wise.

Let this year be the start of something big for you.


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