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I had to act fast or I … I was going to lose her. At that point in time our friendship was the only good thing going on in my life and now her parents were sending her away to a distant aunty because they didn’t want her associating with me. But I had to do something now, it wasn’t my fault after all, growing up as a kid wasn’t easy for me at all.

 My father was a “no good mechanic” who spends all his earnings on alcohol while my mother sells local herbs and drugs at the local market just to sustain the family. Although I was the only child, I still didn’t get the best things every child could possibly ask for and loneliness was the other of the day as the local kids didn’t want to have anything to do with a drunkard’s son. Mothers would tell their sons not to associate with me or risk ending up like my father. I was always ridiculed and bullied some times because of my small stature,life was just unfair to me. 

 Despite all this odd,I was one brilliant lad and the little my mother was able to get from her business she spends it on my education even though I couldn’t afford most of the textbooks the normal kids have,I learnt how to make do with what I have.
Watch out for PART 2.

I’m trying y hands on writing short stories, please do comment if you notice Andy error. Critisize if need be,that’s the only way I can improve.


I simply can't get enough of my writing.

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