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A little bit of fear…

imageIts good to be confident,but being over confident is disastrous.

Confidence is just like food that satisfies both the body and mind,and then too much of it;just like too much of food overwhelms the body and crowds the mind,making us succeptible and vulnerable.
In our fight against the problems we face each day,a little bit of fear sometimes gets us the desired results.
Fear helps us analyze the consequences of our actions;its pros and cons. Over confidence tells us what needs to be done,our fears makes us sit done and analyze how it should be done and in which way to go about it.
  Fear doesn’t always mean we’re weak,it only shows that we are care enough not to think only about ourselves but the consequences of actions on others.

Formulate, Analyze and Initiate.


I simply can't get enough of my writing.

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