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You decided that you’re not destined for a first class result after a couple of F’s or even D’s, or you thought since you’ve tried for admission 3 times, it’s high time you dropped the dream of studying in a university.

 You made up your mind to step down from running for that post you’ve coveted all your life all because of a few setbacks you encountered along the way, or you’re someone who after so many job interviews and still has no job decides maybe no white collar job is made for you. 

 You all say its to late to make it,but is it too late to try.

  Walt Disney, the man who gave us Disney World and Mickey Mouse. His first animation company went banktrupt. He was fired by a news editor cause he lacked imagination. Legend has it he was turned down 302 times before he got financing for creating Disney World. We all know Albert Eistein who didn’t speak till he was four and didn’t read till seven. His parents and teachers thought he was mentally handicapped. He only turned out to win a Nobel prize and be the face of modern physics. Have you heard of Steven Spielberg, he applied and was denied two times to the prestigious University of Southern California film school. Instead he went to Cal State University in Long Beach. He went on to direct some of the biggest movie blockbusters in history. Now he’s worth $2.7 billion and in 1994 got an honorary degree from the film school that rejected him twice.

You think these great men would have been able to achieve this great feats if they had stopped trying or giving up on their dreams,rather they saw themselves as conquerors and each trial as only a step that gets them closer to the desired result or goal.

Sometimes we give so much and have little to show for it and we think life doesn’t favour us. Yes,life doesn’t favour anyone,it only teaches each and every one of us lessons that are quite important for our journey through the its ups and downs. 

 However, hardwork alone does not guarantee success,but our ability to persevere through all odds does.

 Never let anyone make you feel less of yourself.

 You’re destined for greatness,if you believe you are. Success doesn’t just knock on our doors while we are asleep neither does it creep into your room like a thief in the night, you work for it,you look for it tirelessly and when you find it,you’ll be glad you did.

 There’s are no extraordinary people only ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

 Remember, it is never too late to try.

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Just recently I had the opportunity of speaking with a final year banking and finance student and all he kept pointing out was the fact that they control the money we spend and well,I quote,”we were making science”,imagine.
 That made me put on my thinking cap to pen this down.

One way or the other,all ye non science lovers will agree with me after reading this that we are all scientists in our various fields and that the earlier we realise that,the better.

 The dictionary defines a scientist as people who are able to identify problems affecting mankind and able to  proffer long lasting and effective solutions to these problems.

 In our daily lives, each and every one of us try as much as possible to identify ways by which we can improve our standard of living; how you can make money. What some of us fail to realise is the fact that this process alone has made use of the so called scientific method.

 Let’s take for example a lawyer who has accepted to take on a case. The first thing he/she does is to observe all the evidence in front of him, decide how and when to use each and every one of them; more or less like an hypothesis. What about the fact that he/she has to organise a form of moot court sessions for his client like though one is conducting an experiment to verify the hypothesis. And then from these experiments you’re able t draw conclusions on what strategy to use.

 Its not necessary you dress yourself in lab coats to become a scientist. Sometimes that’s not even enough to make you a qualified scientist. Our ability to think very deeply to proffer solutions to our daily problems makes us all scientist. Its high time we drop the notion that only  those who go to colleges and other tertiary institutions to study science related courses should do the thinking.

 Remember a thinking mind is a working mind. 

 If we all can think it, we all can achieve it.

I’m proud to be a scientist,are you?

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Take a dive…

​Sometimes we have to dive into the unknown to discover the known.
Create something out of nothing.
Nothing’s extraordinary, we’ve only got ordinary people who are willing to go the extra mile to get things done.

Like if you see a girl and not a bird.

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Beyond the stars…

Look up in the sky and see the stars at night. A star stands for you and one for me, so does each every star stand for each and every one of us. Notice the different sizes stars come in;be it big or small,that’s a reminder that all fingers are not equal. Do you also know that the arrangement of these stars today will differ from that of tomorrow’s night. No matter what today is,nobody knows tomorrow and that being rich today does not guarantee the same tomorrow. But one peculiar thing about the star  is that together they help create a wonderful sight to behold teachings us that alone we can’t but together we can  and that in working together ,we are able to achieve more. Learn from the stars and learn good. Life’s just like a stage,our joint efforts and performances creates a beautiful world.

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When my mind morns at my drawbacks
And I in sad mood, look at my disappointments
Forced to think about people we started together
Having gone far ahead of me, beyond my sight
The graduates , the serving and the working
Looking at life at such moment for me to discern
Life is just by then , best likened to a RACE

Some positions I have in time past vied for
Rubbed off of it or not, through any means
I dare not regret, for some divine reasons
For my growth has been greatly tremendous
Looking at life at such moment for me to discern
Life is then likened to a PROBABILITY

Sometimes I encounter challenges
And I have to go into the word of God
For it is the light to my paths
In it I see myself so clear like a mirror
At that delicate holy moment of prayer
Life to me then is GODLINESS

And whenever I was forced to take a pause
Trying to learn from other people’s experience
How women brought Samson and Solomon down
The fall of king Saul and that of king David
The pride of Goliath and the downfall of Satan
The temptations of job and the journey of Israelites
At such time , defining LIFE takes a new shape
Life is better likened to a CASE STUDY

I have seen the wicked enjoying the same rain
And the madness of the world yielding money
The fastest, coming last and slowest , first
The brilliant, jobless while the nonentity get paid
Distinction failed interview and the third class was congratulated
The wife being richer than the husband
The virgin till wedding night  facing child bearing issues
While the one with countless abortion before wedding is blessed with children
Life at that time, leaves my mouth opened ajar
But the definition isn’t that farfetched
Life is MERCY, FAVOUR and GRACE from GOD
Sometimes it is just beyond the SIN and CORRUPTION

Have you also seen some funny couples
Wife being poor in beauty while the husband is every woman’s desire
Or the husband seems like the beast and the wife remain the beauty
Funny combinations and friendship that cannot be comprehended
It happens , true affection and loyalty in this same world
And I look at life as it radiates another beauty
Life is better described then as LOVE

And anytime I see another breaking of the day
And my whole body responds to my orders
Beginning the day with my choked schedule
Remembering the helpless in the hospitals
The oxygen I breath that I can’t pay for
Then I take my time to define this life again
And I found the best definition of all
Life is a free GIFT from GOD

Everyday is another free gift of opportunities to be who you dream to be!
Use your free gift well…live a worthy LIFE

The challenges you face only shows that LIFE is also a WAR ZONE……But You need to dare to WIN

Mr Legend

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…a life worth living?


We still don’t understand life
Neither do we know why things happen
Life pranks on our intelligence
What we see might not be real
Our visions can really be deceiving
Our minds deceptive
What we believe in might not matter after all
Forget what hurt you
But nevee forget what it taught you.

This life remains a mystery to us all
Always seem to be in support of the bad
Wonder what’s left for the good ones
Other than trials and mishaps
Life doesn’t care about our personality
There’s a reason we say life sucks
Although most people still don’t get it
One way or the other
We’ve all been screwed at one point in time.

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Believe in yourself
The key to being self assured.

Believe in your dreams
The key to a winning streak.

Believe in your vision
So as to achieve your mission.

Believe in your ability
It improves your mind’s agility.

Believe nothing is impossible
It makes you unstoppable.

Believe nothing they say
It makes one Frey
The words of their mouth
Looks nothing more than a tout’s.

No shortcuts,the key to succeeding
Is simply BELIEVING.

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A little bit of fear.

Its good to be confident,but being over confident is disastrous.
Confidence is just like food that satisfies both the body and mind,and then too much of it;just like too much of food overwhelms the body and crowds the mind,making us succeptible and vulnerable.
In our fight against the problems we face each day,a little bit of fear sometimes gets us the desired results.
Fear helps us analyze the consequences of our actions;its pros and cons. Over confidence tells us what needs to be done,our fears makes us sit done and analyze how it should be done and in which way to go about it.
  Fear doesn’t always mean we’re weak,it only shows that we are care enough not to think only about ourselves but the consequences of actions on others.

Formulate, Analyze and Initiate.